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  • Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2K, Windows XP
  • Any computer capable to load Windows™ successfully,
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BlockNote How-To's

  • March, 26, 2006
    Version 1.8
    Bug fixes. Better output HTML generation.
  • July, 23, 2005
    Version 1.7
    Page Break function implementation. See Log file for more details.
  • June, 18, 2005
    Version 1.6
    Pretty substantial interactive speed increase. If you are typing quickly you should notice it immediately.
  • May, 16, 2005
    Version 1.5
    Implementation of requests made by our customers.
  • September, 17, 2004
    Version 1.4
    Usability improvements. BlockNote.Net became even more handy, see Full List of Keyboard Shortcuts
  • August, 11, 2004
    Version 1.3
    Now BlockNote.Net is a fastest HTML editor on the Net.
  • October, 13, 2003
    Version 1.2
    Now BlockNote.Net supports Projects and can work with multiple documents at the same time.
  • July, 30, 2003
    Version 1.1
    BlockNote.Net gets its own unique rulers
  • July, 1, 2003
    Version 1.0
  • If you are our exisiting customer then please contact us for instructions of how to obtain new version.
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BlockNote for the Net
Extremely easy to use Web page editor. Honestly!
Designed for people who create content for the Web, BlockNote is compact, fast and is as easy to use as a word processor. Its’ simple, user-friendly interface enables even the most novice computer user to import, edit and format web pages—without having to learn any HTML!
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Dear visitor, please use Sciter Notes as BlockNote project is closed.

Our Sciter Notes application allows to edit HTML files in the same way as BlockNote did. Yet it works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Thanks for your support of BlockNote project all these years.

What you can do with BlockNote:
  • View and Edit your web pages in a friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment.
  • Format text, including; font, size, color, bullets and more.
  • Insert and Format professional looking tables. Select size, shade, borders, custom background image, and other table and cell attributes.
  • Insert images, controlling size, alignment, and borders.
  • Insert hyperlinks, or apply a hyperlink to an image for a professionally designed looking web document.
  • Utilize BlockNote’s intelligent cut-and-paste feature to transfer formatted text or data to and from other programs such as web browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, databases and e-mail programs.
  • Send rich HTML documents with tables and pictures via e-mail right from BlockNote—forget about email attachments.
  • Print your documents, or choose to convert them to PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format).
  • Rely on BlockNote’s powerful Spellcheck engine for error free content.
  • Open and save documents as htm, mht (Web Archive—html and pictures in one file) and eml (e-mail message) files.

User opinions:

Ray Howe, Red Wing, Minnesota

Delicious, very tasty indeed! Thank you so much!

I come from a very extended family. A great-great-uncle was a violin maker, and another was a silversmith and gunsmith. Great uncles and great-grandparents were clockmakers, goldsmiths and civil engineers and amongst nearer relatives there were engine designers, radio and electrical and aerospace. Now my brother and I are at the end of the line and we've inherited lots of their wonderful tools. And here you come adding to our treasure chest of especially useful things with BlockNote - something that is getting to be very nice for the tasks, where nothing else really quite does it!

Thanks again.

Andrew (A. J.) Killian, Principal/CAD Services Manager, CADCO Consulting Services, Inc., United States

Your software has a very simple user interface, and without instruction I am able to use it for modification of my business website.
Loading the software was seamless, and I enjoy my personalized package!...
I will recommend this product to others!

N.P.Ray, Managing Director, Interay BV., Netherlands:

“I just have to say that this is not only the best web page editor I have ever used, but probably (within its limits) the best document system I have ever come across.
I have been a software engineer for almost 30 years and made my first websites in html and have been looking for a program like this for the last few years. Why make it difficult for yourself when it could be easier.
What I like most about BlockNote.Net is the table editor and the .pdf export. I have used so many document systems/aids where tables are not supported and it's hell. I use tables a lot in specifications for hardware and software design documents - where they are essential. But in BlockNote I can also use the tables for document style and layout.
The .pdf export lets me use on tool for many things. When I want to write a spec now, I find myself reaching for BlockNote instead of Word. It is so simple I have decided to redo our website and hand it over to my secreteray with a copy of BlockNote for maintenance.
We started to use a content management system to achieve this goal but I have now knocked that on the head, in favour of BlockNote. It seems that as long as one accepts the limitations of the system, a simple WYSIWYG design tool is easier for many than a content management system. The secondary advantage is that you force people to work with simpler designs and this makes life easier.”

Mike Morley, M&M Emprise, United States:

“I have looked at a lot of Web Authoring tools and this is by far the easiest to use of any I have seen. ... I opened my document in BlockNote (this is the first time I executed BlockNote) and in about 15 minutes I had a very nice Web page.”

BlockNote.Net history:
“Once upon a time, my wife asked me to create a web site and publish our vacation adventures. Knowing how to ‘hack’ HTML tags, I decided to create a simple program so she could do it herself, and thus BlockNote.Net was born—and you know what? She is still using it!”
    Andrew Fedoniouk. Author of the BlockNote.
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